Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie

Whelp, another 142 trick-or-treaters come and gone. Lots of pirates. Still quite a few spidermen. And, lots of kids in winter jackets. It was downright cold out there!

Fortunately, the cold cut down on the parents hauling out the newborns in order to get candy.

All in all, I think the politeness level was up this year. I had lots of thank yous. Lots of "Have a Happy Halloween!" as an angel or princess flounced off. Many kids even used the sidewalk. It gave me a little bit of hope for the next generation. Keep it up, kiddos!


Animal said...

We had in the neighborhood of 225 li'l treat-seekers. I think we got slammed this year because, for the first time in years, we had porch lights that were working.

I agree on the politeness: a few kids even asked about the "Peace" sign prominently displayed in the front window.

Sadly, no adults came trick-or-drinking. Next year!

Strangela said...

We were the house that ran out of candy! By 7:00 we were out of candy which I think means that we had about 150 people come to the door! So I ended up turning off the lights and hoping our house didn't get egged! I guess we will be better prepared next year.

Politeness level here was pretty good too. One kid said that he use to live at our house. I almost said, "so did the basement flood when you lived here too??" Another kid asked if Buster was a REAL cat. Ha!

Tess said...

Animal is mistaken- it was 236 trick-or-treaters. And, yes, it was frickin' cold!!! Happily, we sipped spiked cider while handing sweets out, which, after sampling the candy, must have given us interesting breath!