Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Does this strengthen an argument to NOT educate people?,,-6123947,00.html

Kids smoking during pregnancy deliberately to acheive a smaller birth-weight. *blink*

It's amazing how people filter information down to what they want to hear and/or get right to the "what's in it for me" point.



Animal said...

Hmmm. My mother, somewhere in the vicinity of 5'3" (see Tess' article on height & intelligence), smoked during her entire pregnancy and gave birth to an 8 lb.6 oz. whopper.

Teens are, by definition, idiots.

Tess said...

Why is it that people never state the OBVIOUS reaons for smoking at DIE sooner.

Strangela said...

OK, these comments are getting a little dark! But as long as we are generalizing about teenagers I think Josh would say by definition teenage boys are stinky. Or at least that is what he says every Tuesday after teaching them for 4 hours!! How do you tell a student you can’t keep teaching them unless they take a shower and wear deodorant??

Animal said...

Tell Josh that if he cares to contribute to this lovely blog, he can frickin' well sign up himself! Sheesh...lazy boy!

And, to make him feel better: I remember well the lessons I'd have with stinky pubescent drummer boys. Ick. But, there's no good way to say it. "Here's your Christmas present, Johnny! A Glade air-freshener for each armpit!"