Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crazy Day

Here is a summary of my weekend.......Josh was in New York for a saxophone conference (geek!), it poured rain Saturday, the sump pump couldn't keep up and we ended up with 11 inches of water in the basement. Thankfully our friend Rich came over and kept it from getting worse and told me when it was time to call the fire department. They came out with two fire trucks to create quite a scene for the neighbors. Anyway everything is fine now that the furnace repair guy was here to fix the furnace since it got water in it. BLEHHHHHH! I think I am going to go sit on the couch and veg out to recover! hope your weekends were fun and uneventful.


sdb said...

Ugh! What a crappy time. Fire trucks? For concerns about the furnace?

Tess said...

How crummy! I find it ironic that the FIRE department was called due to the WATER in your basement.

Animal said...

Anything get ruined? I know you don't have carpeting down there, but how about stuff in cardboard boxes? We have had just enough problems with spring seepage that now everything that's stashed on the floor is in Rubbermaid tubs. Find 'em on sale at K-Mart and stock up!

Glad to know everything's alright, though. Post some photos, if you even thought to take any!