Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rescue song?

I had this conversation with some co-workers you have a particular song that you think of when you're trying to get a different song out of your head?

For instance, if I get "This Is The Song That Never Ends" stuck in my head, I simply turn to "Yellow Submarine" to relieve my suffering.

My co-workers listed: Brandy, Hang On Sloopie, or "anything on my iPod".

Everyone's choice of rescue song was subject to much ridicule. But I figure, if it works, it works.


Tess said...

Rocky every time.

Animal said...

Sadly, only the awfulest songs ever get stuck in my head (like "Drinkenstein" from the movie "Rhinestone"), and so the replacement is usually equally awful. For instance, I might replace the above Sylvester Stallone "tune" with the unrelated Glenn Campbell hit "Rhinestone Cowboy." Which clearly is NOT a solution!

Strangela said...

How have I never thought of this???? The answer is no I don't have a rescue song and I just have to suffer through it. Shocking - I don't recognize any of the songs that Scott listed but I will turn to Rocky Raccoon and Yellow Submarine in the future.

A related question maybe what horribly, awful, tacky song do you always turn the radio up for?? For me it is Herman and the Hermits 'Henry the 8th" There is a no talking rule in the car whenever it comes on.

Tess said...

My "absolutely no talking while crooning" song is "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" by Journey. I'm still waiting for I-Tunes to come up with a Karaoke version.

Animal said...

Since all of my tunes are horrible, awful and/or tacky, my radio pretty much stays at 11 all the time.

kat said...

I can't think of a tacky song where I have a no talking fact I insist that everyone sing along with the Pina Colada song.

By the way, don't ever think about the lyrics too hard. The song falls apart in an instant. It would NEVER happen!

kat said...

ok, confessional time. Yellow Submarine is my lovely boo's rescue song. I stole it. It works so well for her, that I tried it out. Brilliant. She is the smartest. I can't believe how lucky I am.

Yes, she's sitting right here.