Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tall fences on the Border

The U.S. House and Senate last week approved legislation that provides money for the construction of a 700-mile barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico. The legislation now awaits the signature of President Bush.

Can anyone tell me why people believe this is going to make us "more secure" or keep people from coming into this country founded by immigrants?

The border's total length is 1951 miles, so how is 700 miles of fence going to solve the problem? As if a fence could solve a problem as complex as this one... (Oh and BTW, that's only ONE border.)

Does anyone remember the Berlin Wall?
Does Halliburton have a subidary that specializes in fence building?

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Tess said...

My question is, are they really worried about people coming in, or that more US citizens will be trying to LEAVE because there aren't any JOBS?! Seriously, this administration insists on re-living many of the major historical events (Vietnam, the Depression, and of course the Berlin Wall).