Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I drive a lot. I have accumulated 26,000 miles on the brand new car that I purchased in February, 2005. In less than a year and a half, I will have around 50,000 miles on my car. Yes, I am "appreciating" the fact that gas prices are lower. Yes, my right leg, despite physical therapy, is still hurting. I feel physically, mentally, and pychologically trapped in a cycle of ruining the environment as well as my own body. As I approach my car each day, I quietly apologize to the planet for making this gas-guzzling, dirty machine pollutefully run for 1 hour in each direction for work. My apologies have become like confessions of my sins to the earth. THIS is why it is SO important for me to LOVE my job. If I do not love what I do, then I am simply ruining the environment in order to collect a pay check. If I am truly "in my element" at the work place, then hopefully this ravaged planet can forgive me. In past postings, it may have seemed like I was looking for reasons to keep doing what I'm doing. In this one, I guess I'm looking for reasons WHY I would keep ruining this precious resource. If we aren't careful, it doesn't sound like we'll even have a planet on which to drive at all. As my dentist always said, "Be true to your teeth, or they'll be false to you." Or maybe I was thinking of, "Save the cheerleader, save the world?!"

Anyway, I thought of this as I stumbled upon some articles about the environment. The first link is for an article about humans currently using more resources than this planet can provide. The second is a link for a website that only publishes happy news (this site helps for when you can't get away from all the negativity, although it may seem a be a bit naive). Please note that while the happy news article listings for the environment are plentiful, they also consist of things like "Ohio Girl Helps Free Bubba the Lobster!" and "McDonald's Succombs to Hedgehogs' Needs!"




Mike said...

Wanna feel worse...

Article in paper today about cars mileage decreasing as we gain wright as a society.

Extra weight=less mileage.

My apologies for using extra gas in the past

Feel Better...

Fear is used by tree-huggers to tell how we a ruining the planet. Fear gets better press. Remeber how we were all afraid of "dirty bombs". Still not sure what that term means.

Don't listen to the hype.

But yes, you are correct...

save the cheerleader, save the world

like the world needs another cheerleader

sdb said...

Look at it this way...

Is moulding young minds in far off places a good trade for gas and pollution? Do you make it up to the earth in other areas, such as turning off light switches, buying recycled goods, etc.? Do you "save the earth" by broadening the minds of youngins'? Life is full of trade-offs. You can always do better; you can always do worse. Can you live with your choices or is it time to change paths?

kat said...

Ok. Not sure I can "fix it", but here's my thoughts on my impact on the environment:

Everyone has to figure out their own comfort level. I have my guilty days regarding driving. I could definitely walk to work, but I have never done it. I *should*, but I don't.

I can justify my drive to work indulgence to myself (no need to justify it to other people, really) by trying to be better than the average bear in other areas:

* I recycle - I actually go through the trash at work and bring recyclable materials home with me; and of course, I take my green glass to Saint Johns. ;)
* I turn off lights when I'm not using them
* I find ways to conserve water

Regarding employment and the environment, I take money from my paycheck and make what I think are environmentally conscious decisions with my money. I buy organic, my 401k has stock in the social equity fund (very cool to have this option), I donate to Heiffer, etc.

So, there are my somewhat organized thoughts. I've been doing schoolwork all day, and it is officially time for me to veg.