Friday, February 22, 2008

Irony Haiku

white athletic sock
everything must go in mouth
this can't be my kid

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Declining Society, or Picky Complaining?

You know that conversation we have sometimes have about signs of a declining society? Well, I have to add signs from AIR TRAVEL to the list. If there is any time for a "MEMEMEMEMEMEMEEEE!!!!" attitude to display itself, it is in the airport. Now, I have to admit, one of my biggest pet peeves is also activated in this situation: people behaving badly in public and/or "obliviots".

Ok, so the reason air travel is a sign of a declining society is the reaction I received for doing a couple NICE things at the airport. The first one was on our recent trip down to FL. SDB and I boarded the plane, expecting to sit next to each other, blah blah blah. When we got to our assigned row, there was a mother and two young boys occupying the entire row. So, naturally, we talked about the situation: those are our seats; oh, I see, you want to sit with your boys; what, you have three entirely separate seats for your family?; oh, ok, I'll take your seat up there. So, No Big Deal. It's like giving up your seat on the bus for the person on crutches. Come on. But, when I got up to my seat, the woman I ended up next to acted like I should receive a medal of honor or something. She was gushing about how nice that was. And well, yeah, it was nice, but again, NO BIG DEAL. Was it so shocking that I didn't make a scene (picture foot stomping and "I WANT MY AISLE SEAT") and summon the flight attendant?

Ok. So, the second example was waiting for our delayed flight coming back to MI. (What? I don't have to be cold for another hour? OK.) There was a *choke* "typical" technology-laden family sitting across from us (not talking to each other or reading or people watching or anything). SDB and I noticed that they had spilled a soft drink and there was a pool of sugary goo about to travel to the dad's shoe. So, I got up, walked over, and told them about the drink. Again, shock and amazement that I helped them avoid stickiness. A big hearty THANK YOU and a second look at the strange creature that provided assistance without being provoked. Maybe they were more shocked that I noticed something outside of my little area. I don't know. I was glad to help, except that the next thing we noticed was dad (nearly sticky victim) and son (likely suspect) with their feet up on the chairs, while the mother (innocent bystander) was down on hands and knees with a tiny napkin trying to clean up the soda. UGH.

Anyway. Maybe I'm just looking for things to complain about. I'm kinda in that mood. But, seriously, shouldn't courtesy and helpfulness be the RULE, not the exception?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Classy, Tacky or stupid

Click on preview calendar. My vote is tacky but I want it!