Friday, August 31, 2007


I created a little recycling station at work, just outside my office (you can see the corner of my doorway there on the right side. Oooou.). One of my co-workers, Beth, and I have loosely been known as the recycling nazis. We've both been known to go through people's wastebaskets to rescue recyclable items. And, if someone dares to throw away a recyclable item in front of one of us, they get quite the shame-fest.

Turns out people dodge shame rather effortlessly.

Well, yesterday, my office neighbor was talking to me and threw away a glass bottle RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. When I went to save the glass bottle from the landfill, I found several sheets of paper in her wastebasket, too!

My reaction was something like:

The lame explanation was that, even though she is an "awesome" (the only awe I had during this story was how flippant she was about throwing that glass away) recycler at home, it was just "too hard" to recycle at work.

BAM! Inspiration.

I ran to get my fellow recycling nazi, and, using recycled materials, we created our little recycling station. We created a slogan for some creative marketing: "Dream big, start small." (Well, really the slogan came from the "what about recycling X, Y, or Z?" that cropped up. Sheesh. Some people!) And, we got the office artist to decorate our sign. Ya know, gotta make recycling appealing, even though most of these people are PARENTS, who apparently don't mind trashing their kids' planet. (This is the type of shame that didn't work.)

Anyway, I thanked my office neighbor for giving me a lovely sample of glassware to demonstrate the glass receptacle. I hope the bin is full next week!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Animal Roots

Hi all!

Have you ever noticed, no matter how smart and evolved we think we are, we still behave just like animals?

Two days ago, we had some severe weather here in Michigan. A tornado touched down about 3 city blocks from our house. No one was seriously injured, but the whole area was a buzz. We were on our way to visit Tess and Roz and I have never seen so much traffic. People felt the need to be out and about and socializing. Many were driving by and checking on the damage. People had to touch base with each other and I definitely could see the "herding" mentality that you see with cows or deer.

I hope I'm not the gimpy antelope.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Further proof that poop is funny

This ad cracks me up......

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stick a Fork in Me



In case y'all have wondered what I've been up to in my master's program, check out my portfolio.

I will now be popping some champagne. See ya!