Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stick a Fork in Me



In case y'all have wondered what I've been up to in my master's program, check out my portfolio.

I will now be popping some champagne. See ya!


Animal said...

Big, BIG "woooooo!" Good for you. And...good for SDB!

Tess said...

Kick Ass portfolio! Congrats for a job done above and beyond!

sdb said...

Have you ever discovered something new about someone you thought you knew everything about? KAT kicks a**!! (Sorry I didn't help the blog rating)

Strangela said...

Kirsten - your portfolio is awesome! You do kick a**.

Susan W said...

Wow - Kirsten, you rock! I'm just catching up on blogs and stuff now that I'm post-baby and beginning to feel sane again :)

HUGE congrats on finishing the portfolio and master's program...what an accomplishment! Rock on my friend.