Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How stupid are we?

After listening to 1/2 of the debate between our beloved Gov. and her opponent, I discussed with my partner how "people in the know" do studies on how well these sound bites work. Example - Do people really believe that the Gov. lost jobs and the loss isn't a direct result of Michigan's dependence on the auto industry and a changing economy? Can't the general public put this together?

So I brought the question to people at work who are much smarter than me (not really, but they are older, more experienced and not necessarily Democrats, so I like to pick their brains). I got a simple answer: People are dumb.

You see it every day in the way people drive, how people handle their finances...the list could be endless. Many examples can be explained by how some people can't look outside of themselves, a complex thought process.

So is it a case of people being "dumb" or is it just apathy? I wonder what the political focus groups would say.


Tess said...

Please note that the following comment may be a direct result of staying up late grading sub-par mid-term exams...

People are just LAZY!!! They want everything to fit in neat little ideological packages. They want an answer that is either white or black. None of this "grey area" stuff. They don't want to have to think. To think is to be a "braniac" and to be a "braniac" is to be an elitist snob. And everyone knows that the people with the brains never get laid. Or so they say. So, I guess what I am saying is that people don't want to think, they'd rather have sex. Bring THAT up at work and see what they have to say!

(Again, I was up late grading exams that read: Beethoven lived during the Renaissance Era and only wrote music for the Pope.)

Lisa said...

I'll go one better.

People are DUMB and LAZY. There isn't a worse combination.