Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is Halloween dying?

Although it sounds like some of you had more than normal turnouts of trick-or-treaters, many that I have talked to had less. Could have been the weather. Could also be the latest in Halloween trends - "trunk-or-treat."

Trunk-or-Treat is usually organized by a local church who provides a parking lot for parents to park their cars so that there is an organized place, touted as safe, for kids to get their candy. Usually the church group provides some hot cider or games for the kiddies too.

Does anyone else find this practice a bit creepy? What about neighborhood unity? Are churches really going to overtake the last popularly celebrated pagan holiday?


Dirk_Star said...

It is creepy and I'm tired of the church turning everthing into propaganda events.

Strangela said...

I have to disagree - If you think about it, Halloween itself is kind of creepy to dress up your kids as ghosts, go around to a bunch of strangers houses and ask for candy. Going to a church organized event seems less crazy.

kat said...

It's not the church part per se that bothers me. It's the insinuation that "the world" is unsafe and you can't trust even your own neighbors. Is that the lessons that people want to teach their kids? I mean, even church people can be bad - we've seen the scandals. Isn't it better to teach your kids what to do if they find themselves in a situation that makes them uncomfortable?

Tess said...

I'm going to have to agree on both accounts: organized church events, whatever the cause, are creepy (I speak from experience), AND kids need to be taught how to handle creepy situations (i.e. creepy organized church events). But, if you think of it this way, Haloween is all about major creepiness all on one night. We're supposed to get it out of our system. So, I say, let both things happen. That way all the home-schooled church children and the public schooled pagan children will each get to experience creepiness in their own way.