Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

So, we spent the night at a B&B/llama farm. It was great! We got up, had a yummy "country breakfast" and got to spend time with some super-adorable llamas. AND the innkeepers are the organizers of LAMAFEST!

Here's the B&B:

Ok, so after that, we went to vote. I was glad that we didn't have any election officials (read: stalkers) there. I always feel a little intimidated by them, when of course, I shouldn't.

But anyway, there were some things with our ballot that annoyed me. Here's our sample ballot.
Annoying things:
1. The Republican party was listed first in every category.
2. There was no indication of incumbent (this really only annoyed me because most of the incumbents are Democrats).
3. Even with judges (supposedly non-partisan folk), they were basically listed in conservative rank, with the most conservative at the top of course.

Apparently the Republican SOS is the person that gets to design the ballot layout. Hmmm. I have a new appreciation for the importance of that office. They essentially determine who gets to vote (the rules around registering), when they can vote (registration and absentee rules), and can influence voters at the polling place with the layout of the ballot (there is a lot of psychology on the placement of ideas in paragraphs, etc. We humans pay more attention to the stuff at the top/beginning).

I hope everyone voted! I eagerly await the results.

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Tess said...

I've decided that waiting for the election results is like Christmas! And it looks like I'm actually getting what I want this year!