Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is this news?

(Photo credit: Larson/Grand Rapids Press/AP Photo)

I have a love-hate relationship with this story. Some might say it is sort of light-hearted, and a welcome break from scandal, war, and the economy. Not me. I've been more cynical about it. Maybe because I've seen all too much of it - this picture/link comes from NATIONAL news! Why are people interested in this? ARE people interested in this? Is it a point-and-laugh situation ("look at the silly deer")? Is it commentary on the impact humans have on animals?

What will happen to the deer now that it's free from it's plastic restraint? Well, it's hunting season...fortunately for the deer, it is now thin and unappealing as a catch.


Tess said...

That's just shitty! Have you guys seen "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring?" (yes, it's a movie and not a repetitive listing of the seasons) It's a Japanese movie all about learning the consequences of your actions. In one scene, a little boy plays with a frog by tying a whole bunch of rocks to it, and then watching it try to swim. His teacher sees him do this, and does the same thing to the little boy. He then instructs that for the rest of the boys life, he will have to "pay" for what he had done to this living creature. Throughout the boy's life, you see that he truly struggles (but you're going t have to see how, if you haven't seen the film yet!).

I say all of that only because I would like to think that when people mistreat other animals (including humans and deer), they are forced to "pay back" in the form of various consequences throughout their lives. It would also be great if people could see the connection between their actions and the following consequences that challenge them. That would be a true education. But I guess as long as there isn't a piece of paper attached saying you've "accomplished" something, we don't want to have anything to do with it.

Susan W said...

Up here in CO, folks actually put out food for the animals but then complain when they destruct personal property! i.e. leaving out melon for the bears, but then getting upset if they destroy your hummingbird feeder.

People seem to not think things through (or they're just naive and ignorant). I also wish people had more of a sense of responsibility for the animals that live around them.