Monday, November 20, 2006

A fascinating article

Hey all,

I may not be the first person to stumble across this article on homosexuality, and I KNOW I'm not the first to think this way. But, it's good readin' if you haven't seen it yet, especially as it comes from a Baptist minister.


Strangela said...

Great find Scott! This was a great article!

As long as we are on the "I may not be the first to..." line of thinking...... I may not be the first to realize that Southern Baptist and Baptist are two very different things. I only learned this about 4 months ago by going to my friend's Baptist church. I figured if she went there, it couldn't be what I assumed Baptist to be. Then my NEXT faulty assumption was that all Christian religions were pretty much the same and expected it to be would be similar to my parents church. It could not be more different and almost all in positive ways. Go figure, I was wrong about something! How about you guys, ever assumed something and then realized wow I was really off on that one??

PS - as you can image my parents were not so pleased when they heard I was occasionally going to a Baptist church and not catholic. Hmmm, that could lead to a different discussion on the blog - how we have disappointed our parents! Dangerous territory!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the article link. It has sparked some lively conversation and debate on the mom 2 mom boards. Mike is stirring it up and taking a stick to the hornets nests over there!