Friday, November 17, 2006


Hello! So what does everyone have planned for Thanksgiving?? We had thought about hosting dinner for some of our friends but our friend Faithe insists on cooking Thanksgiving dinner (she starts 3 days ahead of time). So we are going over to her house for dinner and our (which really means Josh's) only obligation is to bring dessert. At first I was a little disappointed at not getting to cook a turkey (I've only done it twice before) but then when I was watching the food network and they had all these specials about making the perfect turkey, I felt a great sense of relief to not have to worry about it!


Animal said...

It's a "Miller Thanksgiving", so we're all gathered in Grand Ledge to overeat and overdrink and just generall be gluttonous hogs. Me & Tess, my mom, Sue & Bruce, Amanda & Joel, his parents, and...I'm not sure who else. It'll be nice this year, not having to go anywhere on Wednesday. AND, I think we're still planning on going up to Mackinac on Friday. Yaaay! Cool walks & boozy drinks at the VI. Fun!

kat said...

Since my parents are heading to Florida, we're doing T-day/x-mas with my parents, Mitzie and Logan. Mitzie is hosting. I'm bringing some appetizers, etc, to munch on while it's the Christmas part of the day.

My brother is going to the Lions game, so we'll see him Wednesday evening.

I'm feeling kind of tired just thinking about it. Or, do I have the "I-have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow" blahs?


Tess said...

Scott may not have anything to do on Wednesday, but I promised my mother I would help preparations for the "bursting at the seams" T-Day we will be having. Scott forgot to mention that Aunty Em and Uncle Chuck will be over as well. I was asked to make Aunt Grace's salad, which is what I usually get to make. Ho hum. Actually, it's a good salad. Anything with coolwhip, however, is good. The only problem I've had with it is that we still call it a "salad." How is cool whip slop with grapes, dates, pineapple, and who knows what else considered a salad? I prefer to call is "fluffy."