Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Recovery

So I may be the only person who feels this way but it is a good thing I have to go back to work tommorow!! I have learned what I do with a great deal of free time. I eat a lot, sleep a lot, watch football, movies and shop! Overall not a very productuve member of society!! As far as the shopping goes, we went out on Friday for FIVE hours which included standing in line at Kohl's for an hour!! It was worth it - we have about 75% of our shopping for Christmas done.

By the way, one of the movies we saw was Borat. Has anyone else seen it? We both agreed that we felt dirty after watching it.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!


kat said...

Sounds a lot like my weekend! Of course, I was feeling a bit down, so at least eating, sleeping, and watching TV is acceptable for someone feeling blue. :)

I haven't seen Borat. I don't want to see Borat. It probably would grate against one of my pet peeves: people behaving badly in public.

Animal said...

We stuffed ourselves silly, complained about it, then picked at the bagged turkey only a few hours after we ate dinner. *sigh!*

Tess & I spent the weekend with her folks up on Mackinac: we graded all weekend, which was fine. The weather was lovely and we interrupted our grading drive with many walks around the Annex, etc.

Now just a couple of weeks until the end of the semster! Le fin de le semestre! Woo-hooo!