Sunday, February 04, 2007

X-Rated Harry Potter?!?

Okay...we just finished watching Signs, and I was wondering about why we (meaning, "humans in general") use our hands to cover our mouths when we're surprised and/or shocked. I googled "surprise cover mouth with hand" and came up with a lot of things, but this one took the cake:

Coloured Grey

Harry Potter fans, beware: this is some sort of fan site dedicated, apparently, to putting various members (heh-heh) of the series into pornographic situations.

You were warned.

"Click away."


Tess said...


sdb said...

That's the perfect response.

Steph said...

I just read "Draco/Hermione fan fiction" and had to close the window, fast, and go do a cleansing ritual.

How twisted do you have to be to be turned on by THAT combination?