Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fun with kat's classes

This may start to feel like you're in class with me, but I thought this might be fun.

Take this abbreviated MBTI (it's a personality test) and find out how cool you are.

I'm an ENFJ, which was quite the ego-boost. Words like "extraordinary charisma" were in the description. (Sidenote: it's a good thing I'm by myself this weekend...I might otherwise try to prove my extraordinary charisma to the point of being extraordinarily obnoxious!)

Of course, the last time I took this test, I had different results. I think I was an INFJ. So, like any other test, consider this a testament to your personality at the very instant you take the test. Does that imply we have fluid personalities?


Tess said...

I too am an ENFJ. Fun test! I am ALWAYS a sucker for those kinds of tests!

Animal said...

I turned out to be an ISTJ...mostly introverted and judgemental. That puts me in company with (wait for it...) BOTH George Washington AND George H.W. Bush.


sdb said...

INFJ. Probably not a big surprise there.

Strangela said...

I'm the same as Steph (and apparently Mel Gibson and Mother Theresa, hmmm).

Scott you have one other person to keep company with, Josh.

Now be honest, did anyone say that they do not stick to their principles??

sdb said...

Josh? Josh who?

Animal said...


Scorch! Pow!

Mike said...

call me an enfj. yippe!!!!