Saturday, February 24, 2007

My weird things

1. I can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. Riding in a car or airplane, sitting straight up, lying down, after getting 11 hours of sleep or anytime the TV is on and it is dark in the room. My most impressive ability to sleep is the fact that I can sleep through Josh's practicing. It is loud, high (lots of altissimo), strange with multiphonics or slap tonguing and yet I can fall asleep to it in minutes. Even the tuning CD (A CD that just plays a long drone of certain tones) can put me out. There are times when I have woken up from a nap and asked him what he was doing while I slept. Turns out he was practicing and I had no clue. I would love to pass this trait onto young Joshela - it would make the first few years much easier.

2. I can go somewhere many, many times and still have to ask for directions each time. I had to go to Norwich this morning and despite the fact that our good friends use to live there, I have gone to doctors appointments at the hospital there, my boss who has invited over to dinner lives there and we were just there last weekend, I still couldn't remember which exit to take.

3. You would think that since I cannot drink right now, that I would want Josh to be supportive and drink less. Nope! At my suggestion, we have gone to the bar for the past three weekends. I drink water, he has 3 or 4 beers and I drive him home. Even if we don't go out, I will remind him that he has beer in the house and should have one while we watch TV. The weird thing is I have to smell the beer before he drinks it - man, beer smells good!

4. I hate feet. They are gross and disgusting. So are men's white tube socks for that matter. Despite this, I worked one summer in the shoe department of a store at the mall. It makes no sense! Luckily I was pretty bad at it and the store wasn't very popular so I only sold a dozen or so shoes over the entire summer.

5. I hate clutter that you can see, but if it is hidden in a drawer, closet or cabinet than I don’t mind it. I really feel like I can’t think straight if I am in a cluttered room. For example, there are very few knickknacks in our house and just about every day I make sure no papers, glasses, pens or such are sitting around. My solution is to just put the items in the nearest drawer or closest which then is cluttered and disorganized - but I really don't care. Basically out of sight out of mind. IF it looks clean on the outside then that is all that matters.

6. I will become hungry at a moments notice. I will one minute say "no, I'm not hungry" and then two minutes later have to eat now. Apparently just the mere mention of food or eating is enough to start my stomach growling. Hmmmm, I think I am done with this and am going to go make some lunch,


kat said...

Heh. "Joshela". Perfect!

ps - thanks for the reminder about hiding clutter in the drawers. That's one of my favorite "weird" things about you! :)

Tess said...

I am the same way about directions. In fact, I just recently got lost on my way to Traverse City last weekend. How many years have I been playing with that Symphony? Oh, about 4. Sheesh!

Animal said...

And, being a boy, I love to do "boy things." So, we were all gathered at Tess & Angela's duplex for our regular Monday night of "Ally McBeal," and I took off my little white ankle socks and, figuring this would be funny (but mostly because I'm a boy & don't think before I act), I threw them at Angela. Memory insists that she was lying on her back on the floor and that the offending cotton actually landed on her FACE - but, in all honesty, this may just be my mind making the story "jucier." (Like my sweaty sox!) She screamed. Not figuratively, not virtually - she actually let out a high-pitched and piercing scream. So, that was the night I learned that Strange doesn't like feet...or, little white sox.

Thanks for still being my friend, Ange! 'Cause when the winds cry Angela, Angela I'll be there for ya!!

kat said...

Scott - SO glad you ended with the musical quote.