Monday, January 08, 2007

Let the news be out there!

So, I'm pretty sure that all, if not most of you know that I am pregnant. Therefore, I have decided that it might be time for me to actually acknowledge that fact so that the plethora of blogging I've been wanting to do on that subject may commence. So...there.

I hit the end of the 3 month mark today. YAY. We have already received one KISS onesie, but Scott is adament that we must have more. Personally, I've been too focused on whether or not I'm eating the right things and whether or not the kid will be physically normal once birthed to even care about what it will wear. Therefore, Scott shall be the fasion guru, and I shall be the anxious, overbearing mother. Wait. I'd better think on that one a bit more...

My pants are barely getting to the point of feeling tight. Actually, I should say that my non-butt flattering, non-trim pants are getting to that point. I haven't dared put on the "hot" pants in weeks (I had hot pants?!). Before I go back to work, I will need to find some new dress pants and tops. No doubt, I will wear these garments approximately 1 week, which is why I am waiting to make all clothing purchases until my pants are literally bursting at the seams.

Our trip to Mexico was amazing! Most of my amazement stems from my not getting sick. Prior to our trip, Scott and I had to visit the Ingham County Immunization Clinic. The woman who counseled us was very nice, indeed, however she lacked one important qualification for her job: she has never been out of the country. In fact, I'm not sure that she has ever been beyond the combined boudaries of Ingham & Clinton counties! Her advice consisted of this:

1.) Drink carbonated beverages ONLY (the fizz tells you it has never been tampered with)
2.) Never eat fresh fruits or vegetables (that was going to mean no Mexican salsa!)
3.) Wear a sunscreen with 100 protection or higher (to get a tan while pregnant is a sin)
4.) If you must see a doctor while there, go to Cancun (only good Mexican doctors are in Cancun where all the American college students are, I guess)
5.) Wear bug spray with at least 20% DEET at ALL times, even though there's absolutely no danger of malaria of any kind in the coastal area at which we are staying (isn't DEET supposed to be really bad for everyone?!)
6.) Don't get ANY water in your mouth while taking a shower (next time you take a shower, I want you all to try that and let me know how it works out for you)

Here's what happened while in Mexico:
1.) I drank bottled water. I also drank some coke which has some Caffeine in it. I'm going to Hell.
2.) I ate the worlds best and freshest salsa. I also ate fresh pineapple and bananas.
3.) I wore sunscreen that was 45 spf. I got a tan. I even got a little burned. Boy the sun felt great!
4.) I never needed to see a doctor. There were plenty in the town of Tulum which was only 20 minutes away (as opposed to an hour and a half). And the thing with Mexico is that you can buy whatever drug you want, period. No prescriptions necessary.
5.) I never wore bug spray and the bugs were biting just a little. I normally welt up like crazy when attaked by mosquitoes here in Michigan. In Mexico, they itched a bit and were hardly noticeable.
6.) Well, you'll see.

I think the moral of my "pregnant while in Mexico" story is that I need to stop being so goddammed paranoid about everything. And most important, I need to not put so much stock into what others have to say. So far, listening to my own body has been a great plan of action. I feel great physcially, mentally, and emotionally, and I didn't get sick in Mexico. Unfortunately, my Dad did. But that's another story...


L*I*S*A said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. As long as you listen to your body and do what feels right, you've got it, girl!

Congrats again. :)

Animal said...

ALL your pants are hot, baby!

(You can take that from your fashion guru...)

E. said...

Congratulations! Have a healthy pregnancy, and (when the time comes) a great birth!

sdb said...

#6? I hate I'm going to venture a guess.

6.) YOU got a tattoo in the KISS font that says "HOT SCARDING."