Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun with books - tag

Unfortunately, kat leaves her school books all over our house.

Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers by Peter C. Honebein and Roy F. Cammarano

"High demand, a long line, and a set of values with an unrelenting focus on quality yielded a transaction process high on efficiency but low on social graces to which many of us are accustomed. To ensure everyone who wants soup can get soup, Mr. Yeganeh enforces a rigid, militaristic process in the coproduction experience:
Ordering Prodecure
1. When you walk in move immediately to the right."

I think everyone will recognize what the author is talking about....I guess you can have fun with books!!


Strangela said...

Seriously? Those were the sentences? I think you picked those out and then lied about where they were in the book!!

kat said...

Those were the sentences, alright. For the record, I left my school book out because I want sdb to read it!

For a book assigned to me in class, it was downright good. My professor was the author...he spent a lot of time looking for real-life examples of his principles...including this one of the real-life soup nazi (Mr. Yeganeh).