Saturday, January 20, 2007

I was tagged

I had a few books to choose from (Completing Your Basement, A Prayer for Owen Meaney - which I HIGHLY recommend, the Far Side Collection, Hungry Planet, and As Your Baby Grows) But the first one I saw was "Don't Know Much About History" by Kenneth Davis. Here are sentences 6-8:

"The controversy grew when a disgruntled ex-Mason announced he would publish the group's secret rituals. He was abducted and disappeared. Twenty-six Masons were indicted on murder and six came to trial, with four of them convicted of lesser charges."

I double tag Josh.....


kat said...

This game is intriguing...what historical event is that about??

Strangela said...

It is talking about the formation of our current government and what the "founding fathers" believed. Here they were talking about George Washington and the fact that he was a Freemason - hence they dive into a short ditty on Freemason history.