Sunday, May 25, 2008


Heya. Thought I'd update y'all on my bus experiences from this week. So, here goes:


I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and perhaps naive. I was sporting my (well, SDB's) iPod and my backpack and I was on my way. The walk was good, the bus was on time. When I got on the bus, I noticed that I was the only one with headphones. I wondered if it was some sort of bus etiquette thing, or simple economics seemed like most of the riders where there by necessity, not by choice.

Again with the iPod. I discovered a new podcast to listen to. A little unpolished gem from "" About halfway through the ride, I noticed that it smelled like pot. It was 8:15am! Was it the woman in scrubs who just got on the bus? Someone in the back?

I had to run to the bus. Not liking the earlier morning aspect. On the way home, TV 6 was filming and interviewing for a story on CATA, and the millage increase they are looking for. I didn't get interviewed, but the guy next to me did. I wish they had talked to me because I disagreed with what the dude next to me said. Maybe the dang iPOD turned off the reporter?

Ok, time for a little iPod this day. Sure enough, 2 guys talked to me at the bus stop. I experienced my first bus stop philosophy... did you know that life goes by fast, so you should live in the moment? A different guy got picked up by a friend in a car. The guy who thought we should live in the moment started living in the past...he was jealous because he would rather take a car than the bus.

Oy, shin splints on the walk to the bus. Mama needs a new pair of shoes. I was bummed because there was no hybrid bus on my route all week.

Anyway, it was a good week. The weather was nice everyday. I think my backpack setup is working pretty well. I found out that my company will cover my bus pass (in lieu of a parking expense). I had a lot more exercise, which has already had a positive effect. My favorite part though, is when people ask me what I'm doing about parking. I just smile and tell them I'm taking the bus!!


Animal said...

1) do YOU know what pot smells like?!? (Oh, yeah, you lived in Ann Arbor...)

2) Everyday? Is two words.

3) You're welcome!

4) :-)

Tess said...

Awesome post! I wish there were some kind of bus or train that could take me to and from Albion, Traverse City, and pretty much wherever I have a gig. If only the automobile had never been invented...

sdb said...

I'm voting for trains! Why don't we have better railway transportation?