Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I know this is silly, but there is this one little thing that annoys me every Thursday. I work from home for four hours every Thursday, usually from 7ish to 11ish. The weekly annoyance occurrence when I log out:

First I click on the "log out" button.

Then a pop up says "are you sure you want to log out? Yes or no" So I click "yes" because yes, I know what it means when I click on the log out button.

THEN another box pops up that says "You have logged out" I know! I have to hit ok to get past this pop up.

Finally the last pop up box says something along the lines of "this window will now close."

Yes, there are much more important things to get worked up about but seriously this drives me crazy!!


Mike said...

Hello! I could list so many things about computers that bother me. I have an entire blog just on Annoyances if you like to check it out.

Animal said...

I smell what you're steppin' in, even if yes, there are other more important things to get worked up about. These are the straw/camel's back kinds of things. You know: the things that end up breaking marriages apart. You can accept that he had an affair with his secretary...but OH MY GOD THAT DAMN TOOTHPASTE CAP AGAIN! AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!

Breathe. Have some dip.

Tess said...

Our laptop asks if you really want to sign out and then says that if you don't click on anything within 1.59 seconds (and begins a countdown) it will turn off automatically. I think it would be funny if it said that it would "self-destruct" and then give you the count down. That might take some of the frustration away. But probably not.