Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White album

I know you all know this already but the white album is such a great album to sit down and listen to!! I played it Sunday afternoon after not listening to it probably in years. Yet somehow the lyrics to all of the songs come back to you as if you just heard it yesterday. Josh wasn't as impressed, he asked if there were any songs that DIDN'T make it on the album. I am still working on his Beatles education!!


kat said...

I have a couple comments:
1) the White Album is indeed awesome
2) if Josh has an opinion to share, he should BLOODY WELL SIGN UP!

Tess said...

Scott recently did a tour of all the Beatles albums (on CD) as part of his Beatles education. When he got to the White Album, it seemed as though he were mystified. "What's up with that Piggies song." "Happiness is a warm gun...what are they going for there?" An endless stream of questions came home with him every day, and I was always more than happy to share my Beatles wisdom acquired over many moons, as if it were waiting for this moment alone.

Well, maybe it wasn't that exciting, but I do remember an awful lot of discussions around the time of the White Album. Tell Josh that real men open their ears and minds to the Beatles.

sdb said...

I think this idea of "a tour of all the Beatles albums" is fantastic! As another who found a "Three," I could stand to broaden my knowledge too.