Monday, December 25, 2006

A Christmas Story

We're watching part of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story marathon. Ralphie just got his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring!

We both have decided that this is THE perfect movie. I love every scene. We've already seen the tongue stuck to the pole, the A++++++, the "Oh, fuuuuudge", the lamp, and "who's my little piggie?"

Anyway - hope everyone is having a good Christmas!

ps - the mother just broke the lamp while "watering the plants". :)


Animal said...

We watched at my mom's place...we caught the very FIRST broadcast, Xmas Eve at 8:00. Somehow, even though everyone there owns the movie, it was fun to veg out, cram popcorn in our mouths, and enjoy the EXTRA LOUD holiday commercials during the show.

Afterwards we watched the full "Miracle on 34th Street." Mom had never seen it, and was astonished at a child Natalie Wood. By midnight Tess was feeling like a slug from watching 4 non-stop hours of TV. I told her it was a rarity because of the holidays; it was my only defense.

Strangela said...

Hands down Christmas Story is the best. Although a strong 2nd is It's a Wonderful Life with running commentary by 2 drunk Thomas brothers! They finally became so offensive that Josh's mom left the room.

We are now home safely from Texas and are trying to recover from our Plano diet of the last 5 days!!