Saturday, December 16, 2006


Remember when Scott was stripping the wall paper in the spare bedroom upstairs and found a bunch of fun writings, pictures, and what not all over the walls? We got to meet the Cindy who was partly responsible for these fun scribblings! Cindy Hetler, brother of Chris Hetler who visited us the previous night, came over to apologize for her brother's intoxicated intrusion.

Upon hearing her name, I insisted that she come in and look around. I knew that we'd be able to get some stories out of her. When asked about the wall writings, she broke out into gails of laughter. Apparently, just prior to putting up the lovely psychedelic wallpaper with pink, orange, and green flowers, their mother gave them permission to go to town on the walls. Hence the "Draft beer not students" and series of boys names intermittently crossed out or circled with hearts.

We promised to have her over again some time so that she can reminisce, and also so we can learn about the history of this house.


Steph said...

I have to ask--what happened with the intoxicated intrusion? Did a previous resident of your house actually come impose on you while he was in a drunken stupor or something?

Strangela said...

This is a great story that I am glad turned out ok! Can you even imagine being so drunk that you walked in the wrong house??? Did he even respond when you tried to tell him it wasn't his house anymore?

Tess said...

Yes, we did have a drunken intrusion by a man who grew up in this house. He apparently blew a .3. To put this in perspective, a .24 is "blotto intoxicated," so a .3 must be "real gone," or something. When woken by the police man, he was somewhat responsive, but obviously very confused about why we were taking him out of his house. We have since discovered Ramona's true nature. Kids: can't stand; much hissing ensues. Drunken strangers passing out upstairs: whatever.