Sunday, August 31, 2008

Return of Lamafest

Hi all - gee I hope everyone's lives have been more interesting than our blog!

Whelp, it's labor day weekend, which means LAMAFEST!

This year we went with SDB's side of the family. It was fun to watch our niece and her cousin check out the llamas and alpacas...even when our niece insisted on calling them "silly goats."

On to the pictures!

The annual favorite: the llama obstacle course:

This year's llama merch must-have: a hand puppet! Get a good look - your kids will be seeing this guy a lot! By the way, he needs a name...any suggestions?

An irresistible activity with our new hand puppet:


Animal said...

Treating llamas with the same recognition as other "show" animals = Classy

Llama hand puppets for sale at said event = Tacky

Interacting with LIVE llama via puppetry = Stupid

(God, I love this game!)

Tess said...

So you need a name...

Is said puppet a girl or boy (picture was inconclusive on my end)?

If girl: Dolly.

Get it? Dolly the Llama?! (like The Dali Lama) HAR!

If boy: Llarry the Llama.

I just like the 2 Ls schtick.

Strangela said...

I can't top Tess's suggested names. I still can't get over the llama obstacle course....