Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Night Gripe

I have a gripe. Why do some people think an email should be answered in a matter of hours? I get the same sort of "I want it now" attitude with phone calls too since the advent of the cell phone.

When I get 2 emails in 7 hours asking the same question with the second one in a quasi-rude tone, it takes everything I have not to email a scathing reply back. Anyone have any appropriate ways to stick it to them?

Just thought I'd air that one out.


Strangela said...

I know!! I was checking my work email and replying from home for awhile and then I learned it made things worse. People started to assume that an email sent after 5:00 would get a reply.

As far as the phone thing goes, I know someone who put on her voicemail that she would return all messages left before 3:00. After that you knew you had to wait until the next day eventhough she worked until 5:00.

Animal said...

I too will typically tell people (students in particular) when they can expect a reply. I know they usually email AFTER I go to bed, and I usually reply BEFORE they get up, so they know not to expect anything from me in the evening.

Otherwise, I like to stick it to rude repeat emailers by...taking even LONGER to reply! If I can guilt-trip 'em by blaming the slow response time on a made-up "family emergency," so much the better.

Is that bad karma?