Monday, March 24, 2008

Facebook Daze

Alright, so what's my problem. For 32 years i've been perfectly happy without Facebook and generally not keeping in touch with anybody from my past. Then, I discover Facebook and can't get off of it. In the manner of a few days i've added 30 friends and feel this compulsive need to send little notes to people I took a class with 12 years ago. "Hey man, long time no talk, what's new?" Compelling stuff! I'm worried that this is spreading. I sit at work and think about looking on the internet. Just look at me, i'm posting a BLOG!! This never happens. I really have nothing to say, its just that my fingers feel this need to type. I guess I now understand my students a little better. Ooh, finger cramp, better stop.


Animal said...

Yeah, except when you have those little 12-year-later conversations, they ALWAYS go something like this:

"Well, I got married to (fill in the blank who you once knew), we had (fill in the blank number of children) and then got divorced just last year. Now I'm living in my parents' basement and driving a liquor delivery truck while I try to figure out what my next move is."

Ugh. Always so depressing!

Fashionably Late said...

Man Scott is bleak and depressing. What an artist! Oh wait, i'm doing it again...blogging. Bad Josh!