Monday, December 31, 2007


I thought I would share my thoughts on resolutions and the ones I have made.....I have learned not to make big resolutions each year. Inevitably I don't keep them because they are too drastic of a change. And if I do want to make a drastic change it needs to be done in small steps (giving up deserts entirely and exercising everyday doesn't start from scratch). I also remember the one year my mom decided that we should make resolutions for each other. Basically we would write down the bad habits we thought everyone else should give up. Can you imagine?? Thankfully none of us followed through on her suggestion and subsequently we all still like each other.

Since I like the small resolutions here are the three I have come up with:
No longer open forwarded emails from my aunt - they only make me mad.
Brush Buster more regularly
Try to read for 15 minutes before going to bed.


Animal said...

While I love the idea of "little" resolutions, I'm still a bah-humbug believer that ALL resolutions suck, and the only one I'll make is to not make any. Sorry to barf all over your fun! But, I'm sure Buster will be happy. :-)

sdb said...

Bummer Comment Part II:

I also think resolutions as a whole stink. Big resolutions just don't stick, so I don't make any.

I try to evaluate and make changes any time of year. It's just hard to get to that quiet place to notice what needs to be done.

kat said...

I guess I haven't made any resolutions, per se, but I do have this feeling of newness or a fresh start kinda going on. I just feel this need to organize and plan. I want to feel tidy and healthy. So, not sure if those are resolutions, are the inevitable can-I-get-back-to-normalcy-after-the-holidays feeling.