Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas get together

We need to get some plans made here......Josh and I want to make sure we get plenty of Tess, Scott, Roz, Kirsten and Stephene time when we are in MI. How about a dinner one night and then a baby free night out at a bar? I will be perfectly honest and say that our drinking boots aren't too sturdy - it will not be a late night with 3 drinks tops.

I would love to see Lisa and Sara while we are there but I have no contact info for them. Maybe they could come to the bar or dinner as well? The only plans we have are on Friday afternoon / early evening where my parents are hosting a big family party.

See you next week!


Animal said...

"Plenty of...time" with all of us? What...you're not STAYING with us?!? Who are these mythical "parents," anyway? You're coming to Michigan to see US, right?

Heh. Looking forward to seeing y'all. I'll turn the planning stuff over to the lovely Miss Tessmacher, and she can (more or less) speak for me and The Rozzle.

kat said...

I can't wait!!!

sdb said...

Looking forward to this visit bunches!

I will defer my social calendar planning to kat.

Tess said...

Here's what I DO know:
I teach on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (done by 7 or 8). Also, my family will be celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, so that day/night is out for us.

Is there anyone who feels strongly about anything (i.e. I really want to host dinner, I really want to have dinner at so and so's house, I really wanted to have breakfast instead, I really wanted Thai food, I really wanted to go streaking through Tess and Scott's neighborhood, etc.)? If so, speak now so we can either use that to get the ball rolling, or I will take it upon myself to make the first decision to get the ball rolling. Or I will deligate all ball rolling to Roslyn.


kat said...

Christmas Eve is out for us as well. And SDB works (how sucky!) during the day on the 23rd and 24th.

BUT, we do have Christmas Day wide open...that could be fun! Spend part of the day with chosen family??

And Tess, ALL of your list of possibilities sounds fun. My excitement of being together again might induce some wild behavior.

Strangela said...

Hmmm, how about dinner Thursday and drinks on Saturday? Or maybe the other way around.....We leave on Christmas day so that is out for us.

Wish us luck on the plane tomorrow!