Saturday, November 24, 2007

Educational Songs

SDB and I were talking about songs we learned as kids that we can use to rattle off facts some 20 (can it be??) years later. Of course, there is the ubiquitous alphabet song, and multiplication tables have a strange rhythm to them. SDB has this cute little song stuck in her head called "Fifty Nifty" that helps her remember all 50 states. So, that made me think of this little gem from the cartoon, Animaniacs:

Of course, I don't remember this song well enough to rattle it off, but I remember thinking it was the BEST.

PS - here the link in case the embedded video is giving you heck:

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Fun Guv said...

Ahhh, my kids know and love that song along with the one that is the countries of the world (though I'm sure it was outdated just a year after it came out) We actually have it on a cassette tape AND a CD (and a VHS) - they love to take it to school during that chapter in social studies.