Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sorry about dominating the blog but I need to vent before I reply to my aunt who forwarded me an awful email. It is too long to cut and paste here so I will give you a link to that debunked the email. If you don't use it, I highly recommend the website.

Either way I am horrified that my aunt sent me the email which is filled with fear, hate and intolerance. I am waiting a few days before I reply. On one hand I think, why reply since I am not going to change her and her view points, on the other hand my silence implies that I agree with these emails that she forwards. In the past she has sent me political or religious emails that I disagree with but this is by far the worst.


Animal said...

These kinds of emails always seem to make the rounds of people who desperately want/need to believe in their content...usually to shore up their own shoddy belief system. They're garbage, but I agree that you shouldn't stay silent, perhaps ESPECIALLY with someone whose views you're unlikely to change. It's not about the change: it's about reminding people that there IS another viewpoint, one that's equally valid. Go get 'er!

Steph said...

My husband has this same problem with one of his uncles sending horrible right-wing/fascist e-mail forwards. (They're usually about the evils of Muslims and the like.) In person they have a totally civil relationship--they never mention them. Eric has tried just about every approach over the years, from detailed responses to ignoring them. I think the last time Eric got one he just responded with "not impressed." His uncle sends them to everyone in his address book. I don't know if he assumes everyone agrees, or is actually trying to piss off the liberal relatives. It strikes me as insecure protectionist McCarthy-wannabe bullying. I think my own response would be more forceful than my husband's--but thankfully, the uncle doesn't send them to me. (Only because I've managed to avoid giving him my address.) Good luck with your aunt; this stuff sucks.

sdb said...

Strangela, I can relate TOTALLY! I have an aunt who sends these things a lot. Now my cousin is starting to send them. I always explain what snopes is, direct them to the link at snopes and then tell them to get their facts straight. I am also very tempted to reply-all, but I never do that. That seems a bit too vindictive.

FYI, my favorite one was this one about Target:

Or a runner-up about Microsoft: