Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a hypocrite

We were all horrified about the lack of recycling by Kirsten's co-workers (remember her posting from a last month). Yet after saying how terrible her co-workers are, I happily pulled out my Clorox one use disinfecting wipes for cleaning the kitchen. When I am really into cleaning the whole kitchen I can go through a dozen of these things. Every time I use them I know they are terrible for the environment. Some plain old soap and a washcloth or sponge would do the trick, but these wipes are so much easier. Plus I think the kitchen is disinfected and germ free (important when Hannah is already on her second cold).

This made me start wondering about the little things we do everyday that we know we shouldn't for the environment's sake but we just can't give it up. Can someone make me feel less guilty here and admit they have a similar weakness?


kat said...

Too easy, unfortunately. I sometimes go through 2 to-go coffee cups (and plastic lids) a day. A washable re-usable cup would save ME money (roughly 50 cents a cup) AND help the environment. But, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is to wash my coffee cup. No luck breaking that habit so far!

sdb said...

My big "waste" is that I love to take long, hot showers. I don't indulge very often, but I do occasionally.

Animal said...

Not only do I love those long hot showers (maybe 10-12 minutes each & every day), but we still have a 3.0 gpf toilet. Yowza.