Monday, October 15, 2007

Foot in Mouth

Ok. I had a pretty classic foot in mouth situation today that relates to Classy, Tacky, or Stupid. I was walking over to the gas station that shares our parking lot. We're over there so often that we know all of the workers there. On my walk over, I saw a car with a fake leg sticking out under the door (you know, all scary you're supposed to think someone's leg got chopped off by the door and the owner just drove away....). Of course, I thought, "Is that Tacky or Stupid?" Classy was not even an option. I debated those two choices the rest of the way to the gas station.

Anyway, I get inside the station and one of the workers told me to be sure to check out the vehicle with the leg sticking out the back. So, I said, "yeah, I was just trying to decide if that was tacky or stupid!" THEN, of course, she explained that her daughter wanted to do it for Halloween, etc, etc. I couldn't hear the rest because I was shrinking down to about 4 inches tall.

What's the lesson? Keep my mouth shut? Spend more time explaining the virtues of C, T, or S?
Anyway, I have to give MYSELF a STUPID vote for this incident.


Animal said...

No idea what the lesson is. A fake leg in the car door, like the witch who has flown into a tree, is tacky no matter WHO puts it there. Luckily, we outgrow many of our tacky tendencies.

kat said...

I apologized to the worker at the gas station. She was very nice about it. I am now back to normal size.