Sunday, September 23, 2007

Never Ending Tailgating

Scott was asked by the CMU marching band to conduct a tune during their KISS show- I think we can all guess why HE was asked to do such a thing. So, we made the trip to the football game so that a video of this event could be made for future viewings with the Rozzle. But his conducting is not really what I want to discuss today.

I fully understand that tailgating prior to a football game is a time honored American tradition. While I never did partake of such pre-game partying...wait, I never went to a game as a student at MSU...I can imagine that it would be, shall I say, fun. But here is what I witnessed at the CMU game. We pulled into the parking lot where hundreds of students, adults, and children surrounded their own vehicles that contained a variety of foods and beverages, which included beer. It was clear that everyone, except maybe the children, was plastered. By the looks of things, they had all been there for a few hours already. When the game started, the tailgators remained by their...tailgates. They did this until nearly the 2nd quarter! By this time in the game, Roz began to get fussy and I decided to go for a walk with her. So, behind the stands we went and by very drunk people we were met!!! I was actually scared to be surrounded by these students because of their behavior. When one of them screamed in a very hammered voice "Look, it's a baby!" I knew that I needed to find a safe place...FAST! We managed to get away from them, but I couldn't help but wonder if there isn't a better way.

NCAA rules state that alcohol must not be consumed IN the stadium. Hence the extra-long partying prior to the game. That way, people can get good and liquored up FOR the game so that there isn't that awkward pause in drinking before the post-game parties. But isn't this how we end of with things like violence and alcohol poisoning? I'm thinking that the scary behavior that I witnessed (including a scene where a young college girl had to be held up by her 2 friends because she couldn't control her own body) could be avoided by the following:

1.) Allow only 1 hour of tailgating prior to the game. When the game starts, everyone needs to be in the stadium. They are there for the game, right?! And if they aren't there for the game, I'm thinking they could host a smashing party of their own at home while pretending to watch a game on TV.

2.) Sell beer IN the stadium at such outrageous prices that people will be inclined to limit their intake! Trust me, people will still buy. If people will pay $4 for a 20 oz. bottle of Aquafina, then they will pay much more for a crummy Bud Light.

I know that the NCAA is worried about image, but from my stand point, the sight of people too drunk to stand, let alone watch a football game, is a pretty bad one. Therefore, to excessive tailgating, I vote: STUPID.


Animal said...

Make that TWO votes for "Stupid."

sdb said...

Excessive tailgating = Stupid
Grown-up tailgating = Classy (and fun!)
Jimmy Buffett-style tailgating = Tacky

FYI, I have heard that high schoolers are starting to "tailgate" before their Friday night football games.

Fun Guv said...

High school tailgating around here is way more than a rumor. The high school is right next to our sub and you should see the parking lots on game night. I don't think it's the kids so much as the darn parents.

Homecoming is completely don't even want to try to drive by the area. Luckily over the last 3 years they've more than doubled the size of the parking lot over there so that just means more room for tailgating.

Of course that all feeds into Mike's theory that people in this area never move away (eastsiders in general). I have 4 immediate neighbors ~ the one next to us, the one next to our garage (corner lot you know) the one across from the front of our house and the one across from the side of our house are all graduates of said high school next to our sub.

sdb said...

I'm fascinated by High School tailgating. Do these folks drink adult beverages during this? Do they get out of work to prepare for it?

I guess I am happy that these parents are watching over their kids and participating in high school athletics. But I am also seeing why h.s. athletics are getting out of control.

I could go on and on.

L*I*S*A said...

My vote?


Mike said...

to sdb:

yep. adult beverages in plastics cups. although smoking is illegal on school grounds in michigan...that too. lot's of bbq' quite honestly bizarre, wonder why there are rumors of 'roid use here?? two of the best(?) football programs in the state, same school district.

kat said...

I don't mind tailgating, per se. Many tailgates do get too close to one of my pet peeves - people behaving badly in public. However, the quieter tailgates where former college buds get together for some gourmet cooking outside...that's fine.

But really, over-doing anything = STUPID.

Strangela said...

You have all summed it up. Tailgating can be fun but I don't understand the tailgating that involves being hungover before the game even starts!

So add another vote for Stupid. Oh, and tacky for any tailgating that involves gigantic team flags, blasting the fight song, and blow up figurines!

L*I*S*A said...

I must admit, though...when camping, I do enjoy a blow-up palm tree to mark your campsite.

But, that's a whole different post.

kat said...

Just don't pee in the dirt to "mark your campsite."