Thursday, September 06, 2007


This past weekend was my favorite event that I have no real business being at. That's right - LAMAFEST!

My obsession with llamas (and to a MUCH lesser extent, alpacas...which make up the single 'l' lama family) began as a bit of a joke. I thought the animals were cute. They have very expressive ears, they make funny faces with their lips, they have split hooves, etc. You get the picture. Now I've hung out with them several years in a row, and gosh darn it, they are damn fine animals to be around. There. I've said it.

Anyway! New to lamafest this year were these beauties....MINI LLAMAS! When I got wind of miniature llamas, I insisted that I could not live another day without seeing a mini llama. Not wanting to be a widow, sdb took me, even on birthday weekend.

And here's a full-size llama - one of the friendlier ones. :)

And one of the main reasons to go to lamafest year after year....the llama obstacle course! In this photo, the llama is supposed to sort of sashe sideways over that stick. Apparently this isn't easy, as only a handful of truly exceptional llamas pulled this off. You should have heard the comments from the gallery when a llama (or more likely, the handler) would screw up. It was brutal!


Animal said...

Mini llamas = CUTE!!

Susan W said...

Wow - llamafest - that's awesome! we have lots of folks around us here in Colorado that raise Llamas...they're really popular as pack animals out on the trail. We even had them for two of our free public hikes at Trailfest this year for so have to get out here sometime! if you do, I promise to work my darndest to find some fine llamas for you to meet :)