Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random rant

Does ANYONE have a productive, healthy relationship with saran wrap? I mean, it's the most frustrating product in my kitchen. It makes me so crazy I avoid it. I go out of my way to use a plastic bag or (better yet) a reusable container instead.

So, you may be wondering, why the rant today? It's WATERMELON. One of the only adequate uses of fucking (did that for our blog rating!) saran wrap is to cover the end of a freshly cut watermelon with the oddly not-sticky-but-clingy plastic wrap. BUT don't expect your watermelon to be "sealed"...NOOOOO, all of the not-sticky-but-clingy properties of the saran wrap have been used up during the unrolling process because the saran wrap only STICKS TO ITSELF. ARGH!

I loathe thee.


Tess said...

Dammit! We're still at a G rating! Keep the F-bombs rolling. Or, just keep trying to use saran wrap!

Strangela said...

Amen! Why do we even bother buying the stuff??? We all know that it doesn't work and yet I bet all of us have it in our kitchen.

Animal said...

Saran Wrap = stupid