Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poop is funny

We didn't expect that Hannah's poop is one of the things that would make us laugh the most over the last few weeks. Here are the top three highlights that made us almost pee our pants from laughing so much.....

1. Projectile poop: At 4:00am Josh was changing her diaper and she took the opportunity to releive herself. If went flying out landed on Josh's arm and on the floor. I have never heard that kind of scream from Josh or seen him jump backwards so fast to avoid it.

2. Wait I'm not done yet: Again Josh was changing her and she just kept going...He had to stand there and wait about 5 minnutes while she layed on the changing pad finishing her business. Everytime he tried to move her more came out. Add to the picture that I was in the rocking chair pumping. We wondered how our lives had changed so quickly!

3. First real bath: Our first real bath involved her both peeing and pooping in the water. Impressive because the bath only lasted about 5 minutes. Kind of defeats the the goal of getting clean in the bath.

We are coming to Michigan in 2 weeks and will see you guys then.....


Animal said...

Ha! Love it!! Roz definitely has needed to finished her business mid-change, but that's only been with the meconium, which kind of just oozes out. Now that she's into the "mustard-colored, seedy stools," I'm sure we'll be trying to keep up with the Thomases.

Kat & SDB, see what you're missing??

Tess said...

Do you find yourself feeling a little bad about laughing AT the baby?! Whenever Roz gets the hiccups, I can't help but roll on the floor laughing while she gets frustrated. Loved the stories- I'm sure we experience some similar ones very soon.

Mike said...


the tales of new parents.

Thanks for the stroll through memories.