Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things not to say to a pregnant woman

Seriously these are things that people have said in the last few weeks. Keeping in mind that most people are complimentary, surprised that I only have a couple of weeks left, and most importantly my doctor is happy with my weight.....

"I can see the weight gain in your face"
"Wow, you have gotten fat"
"Yeah, you do look tired"
"I used to think of you as a 'small mama' but not anymore"

I hate people.


Animal said...

Last phot I saw, you were beautiful.

As always!

kat said...

What the...?!? Why would ANYONE think those are acceptable things to say? Next time, punch them in the face and say "so sorry - those hormones you know."


Fun Guv said...

People are such morons. For some reason when a woman is pregnant they think they can say anything they want to her and she'll understand. I agree, next time punch them and blame it on the hormones.

Tess said...

Or, just say really rude things back, like, "yeah, I'm almost catching up to you in size" or "at least I have an excuse for gaining all this weight- what's yours?"

As soon as they figure out which gene is the one for common sense and "putting thyself into other people's shoes", I will heavily lobby for that one to be altered and enhanced in-utero. Perhaps people won't suck so much.

Susan W said...

I totally hear you. I think there is some automatic loosening of the toungue, or just not thinking before speaking that takes place when people are around pregnant women.

I'm at a point where I think I have three shirts that actually fit still (cover my belly) and I'm not all the huge...but I feel it sometimes. I purposely tried to look "cute" on MOnday with a skirt and all I heard from co-workers is how big I'd gotten and how much I'm showing now.

Inside I just thought "bite me". I'm sure you look beautiful - but I do sympathize with the comments and how they can sometimes just get to you!

Hang in there..

L*I*S*A said...

I'll never understand the comments. Lord knows when I was pregnant, I heard 'em all, too.