Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Choo Choo!

These pictures were submitted by Mike and Fun Guv (you may have noticed their comments from time to time?) for the purpose of determining whether or not this was classy, tacky, or stupid. Apparently, someone who lives near them has gained some inspiration from Edward Scissorhands, as you will see. So, cast your vote and let us know...


Animal said...

Object-shaped topiary in front of 18th-century chalets and summer castle retreats = classy.

Object-shaped topiary in front of 1970s-era Brady Bunch split-levels = tacky.

Object-shaped topiary in the shape of train engines = stupid.

Fun Guv said...

Wow, I never noticed til now that this is actually in their back yard. This is right on 24 Mile Road (anyone that's ever driven in the Detroit area would recognize a mile road as a fairly major surface street) which we almost never drive down. Oddly in the past week we've been down that road 4 times.

The first time by the black circle with the number on it and the "light" above it caught my eye, but Mike all but missed it. Mike noticed when taking the pictures (waiting for traffic to clear both directions took a little while) the numbers on the front and side don't match.

We're eagerly awaiting the verdict on this one!

Gknee said...

Edward Scissor hands gone wrong!

Steph said...

I say tacky, but you have to give them points for effort. At least we could all tell it is a train.

kat said...

I have to say, given a) the location (Detroit), b) the fact that there are no wheels (if you're gonna do something like this, at least go all out!), and c) the assumption that I would roll my eyes at this every day if I were their neighbor, I have to pronounce this:


L*I*S*A said...

Train-motif shaped shubbery a la Edward Scissordhands in front of Neverland Ranch = classy/albeit scary

Same train-motif shaped shubbery a la Edward Scissorhands in Metro Detroit suburb = tacky

Same train-motif shaped shubbery a la Edward Scissorhands created at all = stupid

Strangela said...

I have to go with my gut on this one and just say tacky!

sdb said...

Unless this person has some connection to the locomotive business, this is stupid. It's out of place.

Topiaries at mansions = classy.
Topiaries in sub-divisions = stupid.

SandyShoes said...

I think it's funny.

Not classy-funny, unless the owner of the estate is a locomotive manufacturer/railroad magnate/robber baron. Given the state of the estate, I'm guessing d), none of the above.

Not stupid-funny, cause this took some planning and execution, and it's not a bad job.

So, tacky-funny.

(P.S., Hi, I like your blog :). )