Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Helicopter" parents

When society comes up with new labels for people by describing their behavior, it's sometimes not clever at all. I really like this one though, referring to parents who "hover" over their children. And I am not talking about 3 year olds...or even 16 year olds. I am talking about going out into the big bad world 20-somethings. This has been a subject at MND. Here are the links:

Are Parents Killing Their Kids' Careers?

‘Helicopter parents’ hover over kids’ job search

What kind of parents will we be?


Tess said...

I have received notes and telephone calls from parents regarding their sons/daughters. The students themselves never tried to talk to me first. If you were an employer, why on earth would you actually want to hire a 20-something who blatantly exhibits that he/she has absolutely no backbone?!

I also wanted to add that I recently learned that there may be legal consequences if professors accept phone calls from parents (meaning WE the professors will get in trouble should we accept the call without some kind of written statement saying that we are allowed to talk to parents on certain matters). Anyone see the movie Brazil?! If not, RENT IT. That's exactly where we're headed.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm constantly amazed that parents fight their children's battles.

They are literally raising children to have no problem-solving skills. Scary, actually.

Fun Guv said...

I'll admit I just scanned the articles, but thank you for finding them for me. I saw a story on Nightline (or was it World News Tonight ~ one of those) last week about this same topic and was telling Mike about it. Which is what he referenced in his last post (inbetween the rambling)

Some companies even go as far as sending out hiring letters addressed to the parents when they send them to the applicant and they have cute little brochures to give to parents as well.

At the SOS today renewing my license I asked Mike if he would go up and hold my hand while I renewed. He declined, but offered to call my dad...his office is right around the corner.

Steph said...

I have a friend who just quit her teaching job at a rich private high school because she could not stand dealing with students who had no sense of personal responsibility or accountability any longer. She also could not stand dealing with their parents, who seemed to believe their job was to cushion their children from the real world at every opportunity and make sure they never had to earn a damn thing themselves.

The higher up the tax bracket you go, the worse the Helicopter Parent phenomenon gets, I think.

L*I*S*A said...

Not only to I hate the 'helicopter parent', but I hate the one at the other end of the spectrum who allows their child to dictate all things. Seems there is no happy medium these days.