Thursday, May 17, 2007

Comin' Down To It

This is more for Ange, since those of us who STAYED here in Michigan (hmph!) see her all the time...but, this is Tess at 31 weeks. Woooo-hoooo!

Comin' down to the wire! We finished our last preggo class last night, and we're getting Roz's room all set. It already has a cradle and a couple of Kiss onesies, so I guess we're technically ready for her...although we'd like her to cook for the next 8 weeks to make sure she's nice & done.

Ange? Any good photos lately??


kat said...

Ok, that top is TOO CUTE.

Fun Guv said...

I keep hearing that your huge You're so darn tiny!!! Must be Mike exaggerating ~ as usual.

I like to think that the picture is also for those of us that do still live in Michigan, but are about 2 hours away and don't visit as often as we should :)

Gknee said...


You look beautiful Tess!

Steph said...

I was hoping I'd get to see at least one pregnant picture before Roz arrived. You look radiant--and I love the top. :)

Mike said...

How am i exaggerating??? i haven't seen Tess either.

if Scott says she's huge how am i supposed to know different?

See.... thats what makes a happy marriage. Communication through friends blogs comment sections.

Nice life lesson for everyone, no charge...a little pro bono work.

Tess, you look cute, but it's hard to picture you belly dancing.

I was hoping for a more demi moore-ish pregnancy picture.

Susan W said...

You look fantastic. I'm at 32 weeks and feel like a boat but you look great! :) Congrats on the baby-to-be, I hope the next few weeks are smooth sailing...