Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Personalized plates....C,T,or S?

So, for whatever reason, I saw a rash of personalized license plates today. Some made me laugh, some made me roll my eyes. Made me wonder...are these classy, tacky, or stupid? Perhaps it depends on the letters stamped into them...YOU decide!

Plate #1: JURISDR

Plate #2: DR BEEF

Plate #3: SKYWKLR

Also, are there rules against plates like this?


Just wondering. It's time for me to renew my plate...


Fun Guv said...

I'd say it all depends on the personalization. I hate ones that you stare at forever trying to figure out what the hell they're trying to say.

I did see one a few years back on an Infiniti, the plate was some form of "& Beyond" (eyeroll)

I think they have veto power over any plate that would be deemed "inappropriate" and it would be their definition, not a normal persons.

Animal said...

Years ago a couple of books were published about Michigan trivia. One of the chapters in the first volume had to do with personalized plates, and ones that the DMV wouldn't allow. My fave?


(Hint: say it out loud.)

Tess said...

My opinion about personalized plates:

Susan W said...

I appreciate the clever ones, but they can easily go to depends on the plate for me!

Jim actually wanted to have personalized plates on his jeep wrangler that read lilmule (he calls his jeep "pepe, my little mule". Maybe some would find it silly or tacky, I thought it was cute (but not worth $100!) :O

Animal said...

Um...yeah, Susan, the plate is cute. But, the thing that IS potentially tacky is that yer hubby named his jeep from a quote in "Romancing the Stone!"

kat said...

So, I saw another plate on the way home today. This one said:


I can only assume the guy driving is named 'Scot' and that he thinks he's 'grt'. Whatever that means.

kat said...

Animal, your example of "6UL-DV8" is one of the reasons I had to write about this. These are exactly the types of plates that make me crazy. The ones that are sorta close, if you try real hard, or mispronounce every bit of it. All that work for something STUPID.

Sorry - had one of those days today.

Animal said...


Kinda...REDUNDANT, ain't it?


Susan W said...

Ha! Not a lot of trekkies out there - Great Scott is a quote from the original star trek.

I know, I know, jim stole the quote from romancing the stone - but it's pretty funny to hear him call his jeep pepe...

sdb said...

I almost always enjoy the personalized plate. It gives me something to do while at a stop light...other than answer my cell phone, send a text message, change radio stations, check out my lipstick in the rearview, eat my Mickey D's, etc.