Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where are they now?

Here is an email link that my mom gave me.... For Josh, Scott and Stephene's info this was Tess's nemesis in middle school. This leads me to a conversation that I had with some friends here....what is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?? I have two meanest things ever said to me: 1. 7th grade standing around in the gym after lunch waiting for the bell to ring a boy came up to me (and Kirsten I think) and asked if I wanted to join the "itty bitty titty club". :( 2. College waiting in the music building lobby for band rehearsal to start with Max, Tess, and one or two other people. Now keep in mind I still at this point think, "maybe some day Max will ask me out". He stands up to leave the room and says "Come on Tess, [insert the names of the other two people waiting for rehearsal to start] we should go to the rehearsal room." Someone else points out "Max, you forgot Angela". Max looks at the person who said that and then looks at me and says, “Oh, Angela is easy to forget." UGH!!!! Anyway at least now it makes for a good story and I married someone who likes me despite my itty bitty titties!


kat said...

I shoulda punched that prick in 7th grade. Of course, I didn't want to be suspended. So, I guess I used my brain that day and HE didn't. Yeah!

Animal said...

Itty...bitty...TITTIES?!? Clearly, this is a name conjured up by a man with no hope of EVER getting his hands on a pair. Dumbass.

kat said...

Speaking of 'where are they now' (and Max, I suppose) ... I think I saw Mary Finn in a diner yesterday. I didn't say anything. I did catch her double-take though.