Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elton John Pops Concert

So, I apologize if I have already told any of you about this. But I thought the following scenario might be a good candidate for CTS:

The other week I was playing in an Elton Johns Pops Concert. I know...I should probably stop there. But there's more. The conductor's name was Jeff Christmas. Extremely nice fellow. One might even say "jolly." We were in the middle of performing "Tiny Dancer." Just about everyone I know replaces the words "Hold me closer Tiny Dancer" with "Hold me closer Tony Danza." So, I have that going through my head...DURING the performance (bad idea). Suddenly, I notice that the conductor, Maestro Christmas, is motioning to the percussion section to GIVE HIM MORE COWBELL. It was all I could to keep from laughing.

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Animal said...

Hopefully, she "explored the space!"