Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Jaws"/"ATC" Ripoff

So, the music geek in me just noticed that the first phrase of the "All Things Considered" theme from NPR (8 notes long) is exactly the same as the first SIX notes of the "Montage" theme in "Jaws." Those of you keeping track at home: put in your "Jaws" DVD and cue it up to 53:22. You'll hear it right at that spot, and for the next several minutes. I actually went to iTunes and listened to track 7 of the "Jaws: Collector's Edition" soundtrack, and y'know what? The entire damn "ATC" theme is right there! Listen to the 30-second clip on iTunes…the "ATC" theme comes in at 14 seconds, in the low strings. Hmmm…who ripped off whom?

1971: Don Voegeli composes "ATC" theme
1975: John Williams composes "Jaws"

YOU figure it out! Either way, I claim "tacky!"


kat said...

That is tacky.

I've always thought that mathematically, musical plagiarism should happen much more frequently than it is claimed. I mean, come on, there are 12 notes to work with. Yes, billions of note combinations, but there have to be billions of melodies out there. I guess the big variable is how long the melody is. And, how many 3-note chord melodies can there be? Ha ha.

sdb said...

ATC and Jaws...that's a pairing.