Monday, April 09, 2007

Kaufman's retirement

(Did I spell that right?) My mom emailed me that Mr. K is retiring- is there a scandal in Grand Ledge yet about who his replacement will be? What are the odds it will be a GL alumni?


Animal said...

No scandal yet; I think he's really ready, and I know that there's some hullaballoo about moving to a semesterly-schedule that would eliminate band during part of the, he's pretty much had it.

I would be HIGHLY surprised if a GL alum stepped into the position. Not that there wouldn't necessarily be anyone CAPABLE, but I think that admin will look for a high-profile replacement. Either that, or a sacrificial lamb!

Tess said...

Scott is correct...he told me of his retirement as soon as I told him I was pregnant. Mrs. Lange is also planning to retire soon as well. Apparently, big changes are in order for everyone! And I agree with Scott. It will be interesting to see who they get and what that will mean for the future GLHS music program!